VERIPURE labs is an innovative product development and solution oriented company in the chemical and biotech industry.

Food is the basic necessity of life. Good quality food nourishes and energises us. These days, excessive and non permitted additives (adulterants) are being added to food which may damage the kidney, liver, reproductive system and may cause cancer in the long term. To test for these toxic adulterants, VERIPURE has developed portable and easy to use test kits to detect the presence of adulterants in Food.

The Milk adulteration test kit can test for urea, detergents, neutraliser & boric acid which cause food poisoning.

The Turmeric adulteration test kit can test for Metanil Yellow, a carcinogen in Turmeric powder.

The Chilli adulteration test kit can test for Sudan I and Rhodamine B which are carcinogenic agents.